This how we SAVE you money on printing

Printing doesn’t have to be expensive. At KK Pro Design, we‘ve established a number of relationships with some of the best printers and distributors in the United States. Whether you are printing in quantities of one hundred or one million, we have the connections and expertise to save you a considerable amount on your printing expenses.

If you run a small business, I don’t need to tell you that every minute you (or your staff) spend getting quotes, and handling printing details is time you could have spent working on strategy, or customer service, or some other critical business function.

You don’t have the time to spend with different salespeople. You don’t have the time to research print production or electronic procurement.

That is where KK Pro Design can help!

It is our job to find the right suppliers to produce your work in the most timely and efficient manner possible; and then supervise those suppliers to make sure your job is delivered as ordered — all for less than what it would cost you to do it yourself. Imagine that!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one source that offers a wide range of printed products so you could focus on other aspects of your work? The right broker can help by offering many printing services to suit your needs while eliminating the inefficiencies of dealing with multiple vendors.

So, how do you select the proper broker?

It should be a person that has plenty of experience in the industry. Someone who knows the printing and graphics business inside and out and is well connected in all areas of the Graphic Arts.

These days it is simply not enough to just know one particular area of the industry as the line between each area becomes fuzzier with each passing day. Litho, Digital, Screen, Large Format, Inkjet, Fabric, Large Run, Small Run-what’s the best way to go?

An Experienced Print Broker will:

1) Properly assess the specs of the project at hand.

2) Determine which process method of production will best fit the customer’s needs re: budget, timing, material etc.

3) Source the job through his network of first rate suppliers (a good broker will be well connected to a number of good suppliers in each of the areas mentioned above).

4) Present a range of different options to the client so the can make the correct production decision.

5) Become the Project Manager and take ownership of the project, keeping the client updated every step of the way. Only when the job is completed to the satisfaction of the client is the job finished.

The best Print Brokers are skilled negotiators who can bring a great deal of business to a good supplier. Suppliers also like the fact they are dealing with an experienced pro-hence they don’t have to manage the project and the client. Because of these factors, a good broker is usually able to negotiate better pricing for the client.

These are just a few reasons why it is in your best interests to enlist the service of KK Pro Design for you next graphics project.